August 4, 2009
Collier Township, Pennsylvania
George Sodini shoots several members at an LA Fitness center, killing 3 and wounding 9 before turning a gun on himself

In an online diary, Sodini described the motivation behind the killing as a lack of sex, claiming he hasn’t had a girlfriend since 1984 and had not had sex since July of 1990. He lamented he didn’t understand why, stating he wasn’t “ugly or too weird.” He also wrote of his belief that, because Jesus died for our sins, any sins he committed was already paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice, allowing him to go to Heaven despite his upcoming murder-suicide. It was also noted in an entry dated January 6, 2009, Sodini had brought loaded guns to the gym but “chickened out” before he could shoot anyone.

(An edited version of the diary — with obscenities censored and names of those unrelated to the murders redacted for privacy — can be read on Murderpedia)

On August 4, Sodini brought two Glock 9x19mm pistols, a .45-caliber revolver, and a .32-caliber pistol into the LA Fitness center. He used the Glocks to shoot gym members during a women’s aerobic class, firing 52 rounds. He then used the revolver to shoot himself in the head. Police found the unused .32-caliber pistol in his pocket along with a note in Sodini’s gym bag that suggested the attack was due to a hatred of women, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Three victims, all women between the ages of 38 to 49, were killed and a further 9 injured.

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