July 30, 1995
Fort Worth, Texas
After being accused of molesting a 6-year-old, John Wheat shoots the accuser’s family and others in their apartment complex

Wheat had been asked by Angie Anderson to watch her two older children, Edwardo Ochoa (7) and Ashley Ochoa (6), while she went to work. She also asked another neighbor to watch her toddler, Lacey Anderson, who was a little under two years old. The following morning, Ashley told her mother Wheat had kissed and touched her inappropriately. Anderson wrote a note to Wheat, stating Ashley had told her of the molestation and that she would be contacting the police. She then sent Edwardo with the note to deliver to Wheat.

After reading the note, Wheat armed himself with two guns as well as additional ammunition. He confronted Anderson and shot her as she attempted to use a phone at a neighbor’s apartment to call police. He followed her to the front door of an off-duty security guard and shot her again, shooting the security guard as well. Wheat then went to Anderson’s apartment to shoot and kill all three children before tracking Anderson to a neighbor’s closet where she was attempting to hide. After shooting her again, Wheat began firing indiscriminately at other residents, wounding one as well as shooting a police officer who arrived at the scene. Officers surrounded Wheat who surrendered.

Of those shot, only the children were killed. Anderson survived but was left with permanent brain damage. Angela Jay, the officer shot at the scene, was struck several times in the chest and stomach but managed to survive her life-threatening injuries. The security guard and one of the apartment complex’s tenants received relatively minor wounds.

Wheat was found guilty of murder and executed on June 13, 2001.

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