July 30, 2008
Manitoba, Canada
Vince Weiguang Li stabs, beheads, and cannibalizes Tim McLean (22) in a bus

McLean had taken a seat near the back of the bus while Li originally sat near the front. Li moved to the back to sit next to McLean whose head was resting against the window pane and had headphones over his ears.

As McLean slept, Li used a large knife to stab him in the chest and neck. The bus driver immediately pulled to the side of the road to allow other passengers off. Li decapitated McLean and raised the severed head to show the passengers outside, then began slicing pieces of flesh from McLean and eating them.

The bus driver, a passenger, and a truck driver kept Li on the bus, using a hammer and crowbar as weapons, until police arrived. After a standoff lasting roughly four and a half hours, police subdued Li using a taser. They collected as many parts of McLean as they could find, including pieces in plastic bags littering the bus and his tongue, nose, and an ear found in Li’s pockets. Part of McLean’s heart and his eyes were missing and presumed to be eaten.

At trial, Li was found not criminally responsible for the attack due to mental illness. Li, now going by the name Will Baker, claimed he killed McLean because God told him McLean was evil and was going to execute Li. He was remanded to a mental health facility and was discharged on February 10, 2017.

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