July 28, 2015
St. Petersburg, Russia
Tamara Samsonova (68), nicknamed the “Granny Ripper” by the media, is arrested

Samsonova was arrested after a closed circuit television camera captured her suspicious behavior. She was recorded carrying heavy bags later determined to be holding the dismembered corpse of Valentina Ulanova (79), who had lived with and was cared for by Samsonova. Ulanova’s severed and boiled hands and head were found in a saucepan, initially leading some to believe Samsonova was a cannibal as well, though investigators have not confirmed these claims.

Investigators have found a detailed diary containing entries of several murders and dismemberments, and is suspected to have killed at least 14, including her husband and mother-in-law. She has refused to reveal how many she has killed and is being housed at the Kazan Psychiatric Hospital of Special Purpose and with Intensive Guarding until the investigation is complete.

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