Famous Last Words
Kevin Conner
July 27, 2005

“Everybody has to die sometime, so… let’s get on with the killing.”

Conner was executed for the deaths of three of his friends in 1988. According to testimony, Conner and 3 friends — Steve Wentland, Tony Moore, and Bruce Voge — were drinking at Moore’s home. Conner, Wentland, and Moore went for a drive and an argument broke out ending with Moore stabbing Wentland then running the man down as he tried to flee. Conner then finished Wentland off by stabbing him.

Moore and Conner drove away from the scene and began arguing about the murder whereupon Conner shot and killed Moore with a shotgun, returned to Moore’s home to shoot and kill Voge on the couch, then fled to Texas.

His “obscenity-laced final statement” was paraphrased by a prison spokeswoman.

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