July 26, 1764
Province of Pennsylvania (near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania)
Four Lenape warriors attack a schoolhouse leaving 10 dead, two wounded, and four taken as prisoners

The attack on Enoch Brown and his students occurred during Pontiac’s War (1763-1766) in which several Native tribes banded together to force European forces from their land. On July 25, the Lenape warriors killed a pregnant woman, scalping her and cutting out her child. At the time, Natives scalped their victims in retaliation for settlement governments offering bounties for the scalps of Natives, as much as $134 (roughly $3,400 in 2018) for a male over the age of 10.

The following day, the warriors entered Enoch Brown’s schoolhouse. Though Brown pleaded with the men to let the children live, Brown was shot and eleven of the children were bludgeoned with “an Indian maul” according to survivor Archie McCullough. The victims (including McCullough and a second survivor) were scalped, and four remaining children were taken prisoner. When the men returned to their village, they were condemned by an elder who called them cowards for attacking children.

The bodies of Brown and the ten children killed were placed in an unmarked common grave. In the 1880s, the grave was searched for, and, once it was located, was marked with a stone inscribed with the known names of the children, including the name of survivor Archie McCullough.

One thought on “One adult and 10 children murdered in their school during Pontiac’s War

  1. The account of “The Gnadenhutten Massacre” some 18 years later, states the Lenape were pacifists. Was this after their Christian conversion or is this event misidentifing the Lenape?


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