July 26, 1941
Berlin, Germany
German serial killer and rapist Paul Ogorzow is executed

Ogorzow worked for the railway system, and took advantage of blackouts during Allied bombings to carry out his crimes. Early attacks were primarily focused on wives of men serving in the war. He would bludgeon, strangle, or threaten his victims with a knife, though he didn’t murder the women early in his criminal career. After he did decide to kill his victims, he still left the first several victims alive due to inexperience, either mistaking unconscious victims for dead or not fatally wounding them.

All the surviving victims informed police their attacker was wearing a railway worker uniform, and following misogynistic statements to coworkers, police quickly narrowed their list of suspects to just Ogorzow. He confessed to the crimes, providing details of other rapes and murders he had not been suspected of originally. Ogorzow pleaded guilty to 8 counts of murder, 6 counts of attempted murder, and 31 counts of assault including rape. Just two days after his guilty plea, Ogorzow was executed by guillotine.

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