July 25, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona
Kenneth Dale Wakefield is found naked and covered in blood after decapitating his wife and their dogs and mutilating himself

Wakefield had a history of mental illness; he and his wife Trina Heisch had met while serving 10 year terms in a mental health facility, both for stabbing relatives. He reportedly got high on methamphetamines and Spice (a synthetic cannabinoid) approximately an hour before he stabbed his wife repeatedly to “get the evil out” of her.

After murdering Heisch, Wakefield decapitated her as well as their dogs, and stuffed the bodies on a closet. He then stabbed himself in the chest, gouged out his right eyeball, and severed his left arm at his forearm. The murder was discovered when a neighbor visited to check on the couple and was met by a naked, bloody, and mangled Wakefield.

Wakefield pleaded guilty to murder in February of 2018 and was sentenced to 29 years in prison.

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