July 20, 1944
Rastenburg, East Prussia, German Empire (modern day Kętrzyn, Warmia-Masuria, Poland)
An assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler’s life, orchestrated by high-ranking German officials, fails

A group of members of the German government conspired to assassinate Hitler, fearing he was leading the country to annihilation. A plan was formed, and Colonel Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, chief of the army reserve, was designated to leave a bomb, housed in a briefcase, during a meeting. The bomb exploded, killing four and wounding 20 including Hitler. Though the Führer was injured, including temporary paralysis in one of his arms, he was able to keep an appointment with Benito Mussolini the same day.

Approximately 7,000 conspirators were arrested; 4,980 were either executed or killed themselves in prison.

Hitler’s suicide
Man executed for two failed assassination attempts on Hitler

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