July 18, 1966
Hollywood, California
Bobby Fuller is found dead in his car

Fuller was 23 and had recently seen his song “I Fought The Law” reach a spot in the Top 10 just months before he was found dead. Though the official ruling was suicide by asphyxiation caused by gasoline vapors, and his body had no bruises or wounds suggesting being forced into the car or beaten, many have questioned if he was murdered. One of Fuller’s band mates claimed Fuller’s death was in part instrumented by Charles Manson, and another theory stating Fuller was a victim of a cover-up by the LAPD to protect mobsters, citing evidence during the autopsy was ignored. This evidence was gasoline allegedly poured down Fuller’s throat after his death, though I can find no information confirming or contradicting this claim.

Though Fuller’s death is still officially listed as suicide, numerous books and television shows including NPR’s “All Things Considered” and Unsolved Mysteries revisit the death, hoping to shine light on the mystery.

Clipping: the Reno Gazette-Journal, July 19, 1966

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