July 17, 1915
New York, New York
Two are killed, either in a double murder or a murder suicide

This murder scene has at least 2 backstories to it, one being a double homicide the other being a murder-suicide. The Evening World (article link provided below) states the husband found the pair dead from an apparent murder-suicide. The deceased man was identified as George McAghon who was an admirer of the deceased woman. He coroner concluded Mrs. Cornelius struggled with McAghon who shot at her, striking the wall. Another shot hit her temple and she fell onto her pillow before he fired a final shot, again into her temple. McAghon then sat on the edge of the bed and shot himself in the head. However, a lack of a gun in the scene is curious and may denote homicide, though since forensic photography was a new science at the time, it was not uncommon to remove the murder weapon before photographing the scene.

(PDF of newspaper article, from Historical Crime Detective)

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