July 16, 1918
Yekaterinburg, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Czar Nicholas II, his family, and a few of his servants are executed

Nicholas, the last Czar of Russia, abdicated his throne following the February Revolution of 1917. They were imprisoned until the night of July 16/early hours of July 17 when they were shot, clubbed, and bayoneted to death, then mutilated, burned, and buried in a field.

Nicholas was executed alongside his wife, their children (Olga, 22; Tatiana, 21, Maria, 19; Anastasia, 17; Alexei, 13), and a handful of servants including a maid, footman, physician, and cook.

News of Nicholas’ death originally did not include the deaths of the others, with a false claim stating the family was murdered later by left-wing revolutionaries as the family was being evacuated. In 1926 the government finally admitted to the deaths of the family.

Two years later, in 1928, a woman claiming to be the lost Duchess Anastasia arrived in New York, the first of many claiming to be or to have seen Anastasia. The idea that Anastasia could have survived the massacre, her captors taking pity on her due to her age, seemed substantiated when, in 1991, a mass grave was found containing the Romanov family and servants, but a daughter and son were missing. However, a second grave near the first was found in 2007 containing the remains of two people, and DNA testing revealed they were the long lost Romanov children.

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