July 15, 1993
Weston, Florida
Seven people kill Bobby Kent, including his best friend

The reason behind the attack varies from source to source, some claiming Kent was a bully to his friends and his friend’s girlfriend Lisa Connelly, and others claiming Connelly was jealous of Kent spending too much time with Connelly’s boyfriend. Regardless of their motives, the group of young adults met and planned Kent’s death.

As discussed in their plan, Kent’s former girlfriend Alice Willis lured Kent to a secluded area where the others laid in wait. Armed with knives, bats, and lead pipes, the group attacked Kent. The first strike was a stab to his neck, followed by his best friend, Marty Puccio, stabbing him in the chest. Kent yelled “Marty, whatever I did, I’m sorry!” but Puccio continued to stab him. He tried to run but was tackled, beaten, and stabbed until Puccio slit Kent’s throat and slammed his head into the ground. Another assailant, Derek Kaufman, struck his head with a baseball bat, killing him. The group dumped Kent’s body in a canal where it was found a few days later.

Puccio was the only one sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life by the Supreme Court. The others, depending on their role in the murder, received between 7 years to life in prison.

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