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FLW: don’t hack me

Famous Last Words James Scott, Duke of Monmouth London, England July 15, 1685 “Do not hack me as you did my lord Russell.” Monmouth was executed for treason after leading an unsuccessful rebellion against his uncle, King James II & VII (second of England and Ireland, seventh of Scotland). Monmouth was called the illegitimate son… Continue reading FLW: don’t hack me

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Man murdered by seven people

July 15, 1993 Weston, Florida Seven people kill Bobby Kent, including his best friend The reason behind the attack varies from source to source, some claiming Kent was a bully to his friends and his friend's girlfriend Lisa Connelly, and others claiming Connelly was jealous of Kent spending too much time with Connelly's boyfriend. Regardless… Continue reading Man murdered by seven people


Woman shoots self during live broadcast

July 15, 1974 Sarasota, Florida News reporter Christine Chubbuck shoots herself on live TV Chubbuck’s suicide came just over a month before her 30th birthday, and was allegedly the result of depression exacerbated by a lack of meaningful relationships. Her brother Greg mentioned in an interview, after her suicide, that Christine had been in two… Continue reading Woman shoots self during live broadcast

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FLW: Don’t do that again

Famous Last Words Danforth “Sailor Jim” Hartson Siskiyou County, California July 15, 1857 “For God’s sake, don’t do that again.” Hartson was hanged for the murder of a man after an argument, whom Hartson pushed down then shot in the chest. The victim gave a statement and named his killer before dying, and Hartson confessed… Continue reading FLW: Don’t do that again

Today in Horror History

Today in Horror History: July 15

Birthdays:Joe Turkel (July 15, 1927), who appeared in countless crime noir and Western films, also appeared in The Shining (1980), Blade Runner (1982), “Tales from the Darkside” (episode: Levitation), and The Dark Side of the Moon (1990). Larry Cohen (July 15, 1941), the multitalented man behind “The Invaders” (creator), Scream Baby Scream (1969; screenplay), It’s… Continue reading Today in Horror History: July 15