July 12, 1804
Greenwich Village, New York
Alexander Hamilton dies a day after his fateful duel with Aaron Burr

Hamilton had insulted Burr, leading Burr to insist upon a duel for his honor. Hamilton, feeling duels went against his religious convictions, did not wish to participate but also felt he had no choice in the matter due to the views of honor at the time. Instead, he intended to fire, so his honor would not be in question, but purposefully away from Burr so his morality would not be tainted.

On July 11, in the early morning, the duel commenced. Burr’s bullet hit Hamilton above his hip, ricocheted into his abdomen fracturing ribs and damaging internal organs, then coming to rest in his spine. He knew immediately he would not survive, telling the doctor present “this is a mortal wound, doctor.” Hamilton lingered in pain until the afternoon of July 12 when he succumbed to his injuries.

A beautiful rendition of the events courtesy of Drunk History can be viewed here at Funny or Die.

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