July 11, 1889
Near Tombstone, Arizona
Mollie Williams is shot and killed by Frank “Buckskin” Leslie after he drunkenly accuses her of infidelity

Leslie and Williams had met while Williams was working at a saloon called the Bird Cage Theatre. At the time, Williams was dating (and/or pimped out by) a different man who was shot and killed shortly before Williams and Leslie moved in together. It was often believed Leslie was the killer, though he was never arrested.

Leslie and Williams were both heavy drinkers and often got into violent physical altercations. During one such fight, Leslie accused Williams of having an affair with “Six Shooter” James Neal. He shot both, killing Williams and wounding Neal, the bullet tearing through his arm and penetrating his chest cavity.

Leslie was sentenced to 25 years for murder but paroled after 7 years. Though he had had a violent past prior to killing Williams, after his parole he seemed to have turned his life around; he disappeared from historical records shortly after making a small fortune during the Gold Rush.


An older marker signifying Williams’ grave

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