July 11, 1906
Big Moose Lake, New York
Grace Mae Brown is murdered by her lover and father of her unborn child

Brown and her lover, Chester Gillette, nephew of the owner of the Gillette Safety Razor Company, went on a trip together which Gillette insinuated would lead to marriage. However, she packed her entire wardrobe while he only brought a single suitcase suggesting the possibility he intended to drop Brown off at a home for unwed mothers instead.

The couple stopped at a hotel, and Gillette signed the register with an assumed name, “Carl Grahm,” choosing a name with his own initials as his suitcase bore the monogram “C. E. G.” and he did not want to raise suspicion. On July 11, the pair was seen rowing a boat on Big Moose Lake, though only Gillette returned. He offered varying stories as to the fate of Brown, and eventually settled on “We talked a little more, then she got up and jumped in the water, just jumped in” during his court testimony. It’s suspected he actually struck Brown over the head with a tennis racket, causing her to fall from the boat and drown.

Gillette was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death following a 3 week trial. He was executed in the electric chair on March 30, 1908.

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