July 9, 2017
Boulder, Colorado
Dylan McWilliams is mauled by a bear as he sleeps

McWilliams (19) was sleeping outside in a tent when he “woke up to a loud crunchy sound.” He initially believed it was a dream before he realized a bear had dragged him by his head about 12 feet from his tent. McWilliams began punching the bear in the eyes and nose until the bear let go. Other campers woken by the commotion helped scare the bear away and call 911.

McWilliams had already survived a bite from a rattlesnake while hiking in Utah in 2015. He went on to survive an attack by a shark (his bite wounds suggest it was a tiger shark) while body boarding in Hawaii on April 19, 2018.

WARNING: the following pictures may be considered graphic

McWilliams’ head injuries following the bear attack in 2017

McWilliams’ leg after being bitten by a shark in 2018

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