July 9, 1850
Washington, DC
President Zachary Taylor dies in office at the age of 65, from ingesting raw fruit and iced milk

“I am about to die. I expect the summons very soon. I have tried to discharge all my duties faithfully. I regret nothing, but I am sorry that I am about to leave my friends.”

Modern investigations into President Taylor’s death have suggested he may have eaten food contaminated by the open sewer systems in Washington. The food poisoning then spiraled into an accidental death after “helpful” doctors were a bit overzealous with blood-letting and the size of their medicinal dosages.

Another theory claims Taylor was the victim of assassination by poisoning. The assassination theory had been ruled out at the time of autopsy but upon further review in 2010 it was determined the tests used at the time were “fundamentally flawed.” It is now impossible to either conclusively confirm or deny the cause of death as being assassination by cyanide.

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