July 3, 1976
Joachim Kroll is arrested for the murder of a 4-year-old girl after investigators find the girl’s hand simmering in a pot

Kroll’s IQ was 76, putting him in the minority of serial killers. (Typically, those with lower IQs do not make successful serial killers as they do not possess the skills to avoid capture.) He started murdering and raping in 1955. In 1959, his third victim was raped, strangled, and had pieces of her buttocks removed; she was the first of his victims to be cannibalized. Kroll’s crimes spanned from 1955 to 1976, and his victims aged from 4 to 61, though the majority were 10-13.

On July 3, 1976, police were going door to door inquiring about 4-year-old Marion Ketter’s disappearance when Kroll’s neighbor approached them regarding a clogged sewer pipe. When questioned if he knew what was causing the clog, Kroll replied simply with “guts.” In his apartment police found the missing girl’s mutilated remains: some were simmering in a pot, others in Kroll’s refrigerator, and her entrails clogging the sewer pipe.

Kroll confessed to 13 murders, explaining his routine which included surprising his victims, strangling them, stripping their bodies, raping the corpses, masturbating over the bodies, mutilating the remains (often taking home strips of flesh to eat later), then having sex with a rubber doll at home when recounting the grizzly events.

Despite the 13 murders Kroll confessed to, he was convicted of 8 murders and 1 attempted murder. He was given 9 life sentences and died in jail in 1991.

One thought on “Serial killer and cannibal arrested following the murder of 4-year-old whose hand was cooked and intestines clogged sewer

  1. When I was around age 11, I used to have the most horrific, recurring nightmares about a man that was killing people and throwing them in sewars. I would always wake with the feeling it was so real and evil. I would have to go to my parents room. I was afraid to be alone for a long time. I also would tell my parents that my hands felt like they were gargantuan. It scared them but they always convinced me it was just a dream. I eventually stopped those dreams, but I had alot of recurring and lucid dreams which caused me to research the subject. And I found this story in Germany from the same time-frame. Has anyone


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