July 3, 1917
New York, New York
Patrolman John Flood is beaten to death with his own nightstick

Flood had been nearing the end of his shift when Kittie Connors approached him, stating a man was in her apartment threatening to kill her. The man in question was Bronx prize fighter Milton Bleier.

The Bridgeport Evening Farmer (July 5, 1917) explained his reason for being in Connor’s apartment: “Bleier is alleged to be a white slave cadet. [Cadets were men who abducted, threatened, or otherwise coerced young women into human trafficking, often bringing them to “houses of ill fame.”] Yesterday the young woman who gave him her earnings was threatened with a beating if she did not give up more money. The girl, who gives her name as Kittie Connors, 502 East 77th Street, told the sordid story of her life to Flood and stated she was weary of supporting Bleier. She asked the policeman to arrest the pugilist who was waiting at her home for money.”

When Flood entered the home, Bleier first punched the patrolman in the face then wrestled his nightstick from him, beating him to death with it. (Initial reports suggested Bleier used an axe or hatchet, but he later confessed to using the nightstick.) Bleier left the nightstick at the scene and fled, but was apprehended 6 months later in Baltimore, Maryland. He confessed to the crime, took a plea deal, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Clipping: New Castle Herald, July 12 1917

Bleier’s wanted poster

The scene of Flood’s murder

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