July 3, 2017
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
An infant’s casket is found abandoned on a sidewalk, containing plastic-wrapped human organs

The casket was spotted by a man who then contacted police. When police arrived at the scene, they found the casket contained internal organs, but it lacked any other pieces of a body.

Investigators initially wondered if the casket, found near a cemetery, was abandoned after a grave robbery. However, a New Jersey funeral home director later contacted police informing them an employee had admitted to dumping the casket, and was unaware the infant’s organs — which were removed as per standard autopsy procedure — were still in the casket. The casket had been damaged and the child’s body was transferred to a new one, which was buried. It was not revealed why the employee dumped the damaged casket or why it was brought from New Jersey to Philadelphia. The identities of the child and funeral home employee have not been released. Currently no charges have been filed.


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