July 1, 1981
Los Angeles, California
Four people are beaten to death with a hammer and a metal pipe while another is seriously injured

The attack was on several members of the Wonderland Gang, a group of cocaine dealers. The gang had been involved in the home invasion and robbery of the home of Eddie Nash, a reputed organized crime figure, two days before; the Wonderland murders were carried out in retaliation.

Two men and two women were beaten to death. Another woman survived with permanent amnesia of the attack, part of her skull removed, and a part of her finger lost. Neighbors heard the yelling but did not call police as the house was usually the subject of many loud parties including screaming and other violent noises.

John Holmes, an adult film star, had been involved in both crimes, helping the Wonderland Gang rob Nash and reportedly helping Nash exact his revenge. His defense claimed during his trial of the Wonderland murders that he was forced to grant the murderers entry, which was corroborated by a witness who saw Holmes beaten. The witness also stated Holmes’ life and the lives of his family members were threatened. Holmes, Nash, and one of Nash’s henchmen (Gregory DeWitt Diles) were all acquitted due to a hung jury.

A documentary including scenes from the original crime scene videography can be seen here (warning: it does contain some graphic footage).

WARNING: graphic content








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