June 29, 1992
Annaba, Algeria
Algerian High Council of State Mohamed Boudiaf (محمد بوضياف) is assassinated on live television by his bodyguard

Boudiaf had tried to destroy the Islamic State by instituting a constitutional alternative. While Boudiaf was giving a speech on live television, a grenade was thrown near Boudiaf to draw his attention as well as that of his body guards. Soon after, another was thrown under his chair and a gunman dressed in an elite police uniform wielding a submachine gun shot at Boudiaf, striking him twice in the head and once in the back. At least 40 people were injured or killed in the attack.

The attack, while recorded from multiple angles, was censored by the government, presumably due to one of the bullets striking Boudiaf’s head in a rather graphic display (according to The Independent, the “tape showed his brain exploding”).

One of Boudiaf’s bodyguard, Lambarek Boumaarafi — who has officially been presented as a fundamentalist Muslim and sympathizer of the Islamic Salvation Front — was arrested for the assassination. A tape of Boumaarafi’s arrest was also censored, due to his alleged statement: “I killed Boudiaf knowing of his heroic past and that he was a good man. But he didn’t do enough against the mafia. And he opposed the choice of the people. I belong to no political party but I belong to the Islamic movement.” This video was censored to prevent Boumaarafi from appearing to be a hero.

Boumaarafi has been convicted and sentenced to death. He is currently still in prison.

The censored video of the assassination can be viewed here.

Mohamed Boudiaf shortly before his assassination

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