June 27, 1999
Clydach, Swansea, Wales
Mandy Power, her disabled mother, and her two young daughters are beaten to death and burned

Power (34), her disabled mother (80), and her children (8 and 10) were each bludgeoned with an iron pole. Power was beaten 38 times, and a sex toy was inserted into her after death. The house was then set on fire to destroy evidence. Responders described the scene as “an orgy of savagery.”

At trial, prosecutors suggested David Morris (pictured), who had previously been in a casual relationship with Power, had requested sexual favors. They also suggested Power, who had recently started another relationship, denied Morris’ advances, which sent Morris into a rage resulting in the murders of all four victims. With an absence of DNA evidence or fingerprints, a broken gold chain at the scene linked Morris to the murders, further bolstered by a lack of an alibi. Despite little evidence against him, Morris was sentenced to 4 life terms in 2002, but appealed for a chance of parole. In 2007, three judges at the Court of Appeals in London ruled Morris would serve a minimum of 32 years in prison but would then be given the possibility of parole. In 2017, an appeal case was deemed “not suitable” for a hearing.

Other possible suspects are Power’s lover Alison Lewis, Alison’s husband Stephen Lewis, and Stephen’s brother Stuart Lewis. At the time, Alison was a police officer, Stephen a police sergeant, and Stuart a police inspector. Circumstances surrounding the Lewises were suspicious, including Stuart — who was on duty — being unable to account for his movements at the time of the murders. Also, a witness picked Stephen from a line-up, claiming she had seen him carrying a bag to Power’s home shortly before the murders. This claim was dismissed when Stephen provided an alibi: he had been at home asleep in bed with Alison. Although all three were investigated and questioned, no charges were made, and at this time no further investigations have been made against the Lewises.

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