June 26, 1977
Dallas, Texas
Michael Wayne Evans robs and murders two people, shooting one to death then gouging her eyes out for offering her forgiveness to him

The victims, Elvira Guerrero and her fiancé Mario Garza, were leaving church with $40 in collection money when Evans and accomplice Earl Stanley Smith robbed them. The couple were robbed of around $52 in cash, a watch, and their car. They were then abducted and taken to a remote location where Garda was shot 5 times and Guerrero twice. While wounded, Guerrero cried “God forgive him” and “God help him” prompting Evans to slash her face from the bottom of her chin to her hairline and gouge out her eyes “to get her to quit talking.” The couple’s bodies were not discovered for 4 days.

Two weeks after the murders, Guerrero’s brother-in-law spotted the stolen vehicle which, after a high-speed chase, led to Evans. Evans confessed to the murders initially but claimed later he was promised a greatly reduced sentence (only 5 years) in exchange for signing the confession. He also placed the majority of the responsibility on his accomplice Smith, and during trial his attorneys attempted an insanity defense. None of these were successful and Evans was executed in 1986 for the murders. Smith was given a life sentence.

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