Famous Last Words
Frank Carter
Lincoln, Nebraska
June 24, 1927

“Let the juice flow.”

For two weeks in early 1926, Carter used a .22 caliber pistol with a silencer to shoot at people near windows, with no particular targets in mind. Newspapers recommended citizens avoid standing near open or lighted windows and, though there were several shootings during this time, only two men were killed.

Carter was arrested on February 22 and freely admitted to the shootings. Although he confessed to the deaths of 43, lawyers felt most of the victims were “obviously fictitious” and he was only convicted of the murders of the two men killed during the sniper attacks.

Carter was quoted in the Madera Tribune (June 24, 1927) as saying “I’m glad they don’t hang in this state because I am anxious to see how it feels to be electrocuted.” Directly before he was executed he was reported to have said “Let the juice flow.”

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