June 17, 1963
Prospect, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Gregor, “despondent over ill health,” shoots 5 of her children, her husband, and herself

The oldest of the children slain — Joseph Jr. (14), Thomas (10), and Rosemary (8) — were in the living room at the time they were killed. It was thought they were watching television moments before their murders. The youngest victims, 19-month-old twins James and Richard, were shot to death in their cribs. Elizabeth then telephoned her husband Joseph to ask him to return home. When he entered the front door, he, too, was shot and killed. Elizabeth tied a piece of string from the shotgun’s trigger to her toe, which she pulled, killing herself.

Shortly before the murders, she had asked her 19-year-old daughter-in-law to get some medicine from the drug store, either to spare her or prevent her from interfering with the killings.

Clipping: The Town Talk (Alexandria, Louisiana) June 18, 1963

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