June 17, 2008
Tokyo, Japan
Serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki (宮﨑 勤) is executed for the murders of 4 young girls

Between August 22, 1988 and June 6, 1989, Miyazaki kidnapped, murdered, raped, and dismembered 4 girls; the youngest two victims were 4 and the oldest was 7. Miyazaki also drank the blood and ate part of the hand of his final victim, Ayako Nomoto.

On July 23, 1989, Miyazaki attempted to abduct two sisters. One managed to escape and told her father, who found Miyazaki nude and attempting to insert a camera’s zoom lens into the young girl’s vagina. Miyazaki fled on foot but eventually returned to retrieve his car, whereupon police arrested him. During a search of his home, police found photographs and videos of his victims, as well as body parts of two of the victims.

During trial, Miyazaki blamed the murders on a human-rat hybrid which he called the Rat Man. Miyazaki claimed the Rat Man promised to bring his late grandfather back to life if Miyazaki killed the children. He was executed by hanging on June 17, 2008, just under 20 years after his first murder.

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