June 16, 1999
London, England
Screaming Lord Sutch, born David Edward Sutch, hangs himself after losing a battle with depression

Sutch was one of the pioneers of shock rock, holding horror-themed concerts dressed as Jack the Ripper, making his entrance by emerging from a coffin and employing the use of prop knives, daggers, skulls, and corpses.

In 1983, Sutch founded the officially-recognized political party Official Monster Raving Loony Party, and stood in over 40 parliamentary elections until his death in 1999. After his death, a spokesman for the prime minister commented Sutch “will be much missed. For many years he made a unique contribution to British politics. Our elections will never be quite the same without him.”

On June 16, 1999, Sutch hanged himself in his mother’s house two years after her death. His girlfriend Yvonne Elwood could offer no immediate reason for his suicide aside from years of battling depression, which seemed to worsen after his mother’s death. His final diary entry supports this apparent motive, reading “Depression, depression, depression is all too much.” He was buried next to his mother.

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