June 13, 1977
Mayes County, Oklahoma
Michele Guse (9, left), Lori Farmer (8, middle), and Doris Milner (10, right) are found raped and murdered during a camping trip

The girls shared a tent at a Girl Scouts camping trip. Their tent was located the furthest from the camp counselor’s tent, them and was partially obscured by the camp’s showers. Additionally, a thunderstorm affected the area. Because of these circumstances, no one noticed the three girls being assaulted and killed.

During the evening of June 12 or early morning hours of June 13, the murderer cut through the girls’ tent. Lori and Michele were bludgeoned and raped in their tent; Doris was taken from the tent where she was raped and strangled. The killer or killers then stuffed the bodies of the girls in their sleeping bags and left them on a trail around 100-150 feet from their tent. A camp counselor found their bodies at approximately 6 a.m. on June 13.

Left behind at the scene were a fingerprint (which remains unidentified) and a shoe impression. Gene Leroy Hart was arrested for the murders, though he was acquitted at trial. As he had already been serving a 308-year prison term for rape and burglary when he stood trial for the Girl Scout murders, Hart was returned to prison to complete his sentence. He died in 1979.

The case is currently still unsolved, thought Mayes County raised $30,000 in 2017 to attempt to get a DNA profile on the murderer, hoping to bring closure to the victims’ families.

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