June 13, 2015
Dallas, Texas
James Boulware, angry at the police’s accusation he was a terrorist and for losing custody of his son, fires a semi-automatic weapon into the Dallas Police Head Quarters

Boulware had a history of violence. In 2013, after a report of family violence, several guns were confiscated from Boulware. His family also made reports he had threatened to kill adult members of his family as well as threatened to go on a shooting spree targeting schools and churches. When he and the mother of his child lost custody of their 11-year-old son, granting Boulware’s mother custody of the child, Boulware made threats against the judge as well.

Boulware purchased a vehicle online which was described by the seller as a “Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport” (a 1995 Ford E-Series van that had been modified with armor-plated windows and gun ports). On June 13, while in his armored van, Boulware began firing his semi-automatic weapon at the police headquarters and squad cars, and police exchanged gun fire. During the ensuing standoff, Boulware stated his name and explained his motivation behind the attack: police’s accusation he was a terrorist. He became increasingly aggressive with rants against the police, and threatened to use explosives against them. A SWAT sniper disabled the so-called “Assault Vehicle” by damaging the engine block, and fired shots into the van, killing Boulware.

During the entire exchange, Boulware was the only casualty. No police or civilians were injured.

Photo credit: Nathan Hunsinger, Dallas Morning News

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