June 10, 1838
Near Bingara, New South Wales, Australia
Approximately 35 Australian Aboriginals of the Wirrayaraay are massacred by a group of colonial settlers

The group of indigenous people had been camping peacefully at a European station who offered them protection from marauders when the Wirrayaraay were targeted by a group of stockmen who had recently stopped by the station. The stockmen told the station leader they would bring the aboriginals “over the back of the range and frighten them.” The group, comprised mostly children, women, and the elderly, were tied to a long rope and led out of the camp.

Once they were about 800 meters away, the children were beheaded. The women and elderly were forced to run towards a line of stockmen who slashed and hacked at them as they ran by. The stockmen then began looking for the missing young men who had recently departed for another station. When they did not find them, the stockmen returned to the site of the massacre to dismember and burn the bodies.

The manager of the station, William Hobbs, who had been away during the massacre, returned a few days later and discovered the bodies. He thought to report it, but Charles Kilmeister, one of the murderers who had been a part of the camp and had invited the other stockmen to join the station, convinced him to let the massacre go. However, Hobbs spoke with a neighboring station overseer and decided to report it to the Governor.

During the investigation it was revealed that Kilmeister had planned this murder for over a week with the stockmen he invited to the station, scheduled to coincide with Hobbs leaving the station. This piece of evidence convinced the station leader who was temporarily in charge, the one whom the group told they would “frighten” the Wirrayaraay, to name the men who led the aboriginals to their slaughter.

After two trials, 7 of the 11 men involved were found guilty of murder and hanged for their crimes.

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