June 9, 1973
Boston, Massachusetts
George O’Leary shoots and kills 5 of his children and his wife before taking a lethal overdose of drugs

O’Leary shot five of his children — George Jr. (13), Colleen (11), Kathleen (10), and twins Michael and Melinda (8) — as well as his wife Thelma with a .38 caliber revolver. He then took a lethal overdose of drugs in what has been officially classified as a suicide. The eldest O’Leary child, Theresa (15), had been away from her home during the murders and discovered the bodies of her family roughly 24 to 48 hours after the killings.

No clear motive was mentioned in newspapers, though it was reported that O’Leary told a neighbor he felt as though his family was a “noose around his neck.” Two notes were found at the scene, though the contents of one, considered to be a suicide note, has not been released to the public. The other was taped on a door, left for the O’Learys landlord. It read, verbatim: “David, I had to go to work. I am sorry. Do not disturb Thelma. She and the kids got virus and I had doctor. Appreciate if you could do it torrowm. I am bad at spelling. Please, George”.

Clipping: The Courier-News (Bridgewater, NJ) June 11, 1973

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