Famous Last Words
Bob Brown
Mayfield, Kentucky
June 9, 1893

“I am prepared to meet my God and I warn all sinners to beware of doing evil.”

Brown was hanged for the murder of Albert Colley (alt. spelling: Cooley, Kolly) at a “house of ill repute.” Colley was told by the proprietress and Brown’s lover, Polly Hamby, to leave her establishment. When Colley did not, an argument broke out. Hamby managed to push Colley from the house into the yard. Brown then shot Colley twice. The second shot struck Colley’s heart, killing him instantly.

Brown stated he did fire at Colley but had intended to scare him from the property rather than kill him. Another man involved in the argument, prior to the murder, was tried and sentenced to life in prison. Newspapers reported Hamby would also be tried, but I could find no further trace of her.

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