June 8, 1924
International border between Nepal and China
George Herbert Leigh Mallory and companion Andrew “Sandy” Comyn Irvine die while scaling Mount Everest

Mallory and Irvine were last seen about 800 vertical feet from the summit on June 8, 1924 before disappearing without a trace. It’s suspected the men died either in the evening of June 8 or morning of the 9th. Their fates were unknown for years, the only evidence found in a decade being Mallory’s ice axe discovered in 1933.

In 1999, 75 years after their disappearance, a research expedition searching for the remains of Mallory and Irvine discovered the mummified remains of a man wearing clothing with the name “G. Leigh Mallory.” The body was well preserved due to the mountain’s arid and frozen climate. From the wounds of Mallory’s body, it appears as though one of the men likely fell and dragged the other (as evident by a serious rope-jerk injury around Mallory’s waist) from a relatively short distance (fractures to his tibia and fibula were less severe than the injuries of others who died in the same area). He also had a golf ball-sized hole in his forehead, thought to be from an ice axe. The current theory claims Mallory struck the ice with his axe to try to slow his decent which then bounced off the and struck him, probably fatally, in the head. Other theories also exist including a yeti attack; a more probable theory suggests foul play was involved.

Irvine’s body has yet to be discovered.

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