June 4, 1936
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
A student shoots his professor after failing an exam, then shoots himself

Engineering student Wesley Clow had recently failed an exam and was asking his professor, Charles Phy, about taking a makeup exam. As Prof. Phy detailed the steps needed, Clow reportedly interrupted by saying “Well —“ then shot Phy. The professor managed to stumble downstairs and tell another teacher “I’ve been shot” before he died. Clow then placed the revolver against his own head and fired once. The incident was witnessed by another student, Harry Snavely, who was taking his own re-examination.

As a bonus, the second article pictured reports the discharge of a patient following a surgery to remove a piece of a knife broken off in his body during a street fight 4 years before. Leo Aubert had been unaware he was living with the three-inch section of blade embedded in his chest until it migrated to his lungs. Six months prior to the blade’s removal it punctured his lung, causing a severe hemorrhage. He was originally diagnosed with tuberculosis but, upon another visit to the doctor, an X-ray showed the true cause of the bleeding.

Clipping: The Evening Times (Sayre, PA) June 4, 1936

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