May 31, 2014
Waukesha, Wisconsin
Two 12-year-old girls allegedly stab a classmate to impress the fictional figure Slender Man

Slender Man (alternative spelled as Slenderman) was created in 2009 as part of a paranormal photoshop challenge by Eric Knudsen. He is depicted as very tall and incredibly slender, with no facial features or hair, wearing a suit, and possessing unnaturally long arms. Since his creation, many stories called creepypasta (internet versions of campfire stories, named as a variant of copypasta which got its name from the copy/paste function of computers) have been created, as well as games.

The stabbing was carried out by Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser. One of the attackers planned to invite her friend to a birthday party, as well as another classmate, with the intend to kill the classmate to impress Slender Man. The girls he would allow them to become his proxies and let them live with him in his mansion.

The girls led their victim to the woods, claiming to wish to play hide and seek. Weier and Geyser attacked their victim, pinning her to the ground. She was stabbed 19 times in the arms, legs, and abdomen. Two wounds were to major arteries, one pierced her diaphragm which cut her liver and stomach, and one missed her heart by less than a millimeter.

The girls told their victim to be quiet while they got help, but left her to die instead. She was able to get to a ditch near a road where a passing bicyclist found her and called police. She was rushed to the hospital where she spent 6 days and was able to make a recovery.

Both girls were tried as adults. Weier pleaded guilty and received a sentence of 25 years in a mental health facility. Geyser was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in a mental health facility. Both girls received the maximum sentences available to them.

Note: because the victim survived her attack and is a minor, I have not mentioned her name. As both attackers have been found guilty and were tried as adults, they have both been named in this article.

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