May 31, 1906
Madrid, Spain
An assassination attempt against King Alfonso XIII fails to kill its target but kills at least 15 and injures 100 bystanders

The attack happened as the King and his newly-wed Queen Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg were in a procession celebrating their marriage on their wedding day. Anarchist Mateo Morral concealed a bomb in a bouquet of flowers which he tossed at the royal carriages as they passed. The resulting explosion left the King and Queen unharmed but claimed the lives of many spectators (sources vary between 15 to “nearly 30”) and one horse (pictured), and injured roughly 100. According to The Sydney Morning Herald (June 4, 1906), the Queen’s wedding dress was stained with the blood of murdered bystanders.

Morral was hunted by police and found on June 2. He appeared to surrender peacefully but managed to grab a gun from one of the guards arresting him. Mortal shot and killed the officer whose gun he stole, then shot himself.

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