May 29, 1995
Greenbelt, Maryland
Ralph McLean shoots an FBI agent to death before dying in a shootout with other agents and local police

McLean had been wanted on suspicion of unprovoked attacks on police officers in Washington D.C., including the death of Prince George’s County Police Corporal John Novabilski who was moonlighting as a security guard at the time of his murder.

On May 29, FBI Special Agent William Christian Jr. and 26 other FBI agents and Prince George’s County police officers waited for McLean in a parking lot. McLean was supposed to meet with an ex-girlfriend, who was in police protection after implicating McLean in one of the D.C. attacks, at this location.

McLean apparently suspected he was being watched and ambushed Christian, shooting him several times before fleeing. Police and FBI agents chased McLean to a parking structure where he was shot at by at least 3 FBI agents, 2 police officers, and a private security guard. McLean was the only casualty from the parking structure shootout.

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