May 28, 2002
Hobbs, New Mexico
David Parker Ray, the “Toy Box Killer,” dies in prison

Ray had devised a torture chamber in a soundproof truck trailer equipped with whips, syringes, clamps, chains, pulleys, leg spreader bars, straps, saws, and blades. He installed a gynecologist-style table with leg stirrups under a ceiling mirror to allow his victims a full view of the tortures they endured. He also designed a wooden devise to immobilize his victims as his dogs raped them.

Ray’s end came when one of his victims managed to escape while one of Ray’s accomplices, Cindy Hendy, was guarding the victim. The victim had been kidnapped several days before when Ray impersonated a police officer and “arrested” her. Once Ray had left for work, the victim grabbed the keys to her restraints left behind by Hendy as she took a phone call. Once Hendy realized the victim was attempting to escape, she struck the victim over the head with a lamp. The victim attacked back, stabbing Hendy in the neck with an ice pick before fleeing naked, wearing only a slave collar and padlocked chains. Police were notified and immediately began an investigation on Ray.

With one victim identified, others came forward. Even more were identified by videotapes recorded by Ray. The investigation also revealed 2 more accomplices including Ray’s daughter who helped her father drug, abduct, torture, and nearly kill her friend.

Ray accepted a plea deal for 2 of the 3 tortures he was accused of (the third victim died of unrelated causes before a trial could begin) and sentenced to 224 years in prison for numerous offenses including abduction, rape, and torture. Though no murders have been confirmed, he is suspected of killing between 14 and 60.

Accomplice Dennis Roy Yancy, who was recorded strangling his former girlfriend, was sentenced to 30 years for second degree murder. He was released on parole after serving 11 years, but after a parole violation 3 months after his release was brought back to serve the remainder of his sentence. Hendy was sentenced to 36 years and Ray’s daughter was sentenced to 9.

Ray died of a heart attack a little over 3 years after his investigation began.

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