May 27, 1994
Walla Walla, Washington
Charles Rodman Campbell is executed for the murders of a mother, her 9-year-old daughter, and a neighbor in retaliation for testifying against him

In 1982, Campbell visited the home of Renae Wicklund, killing her, her young daughter Shannah, and her neighbor Barbara Hendrickson. All 3 had their throats slit while Ranae was found nude, beaten (her nose and jaw were broken and had bruises on her head, back, and chest), strangled, and raped after death with a blunt instrument. Shannah was also strangled before her neck was slashed.

The motive behind the attack seemed to be revenge testifying against him for raping Renae in 1974. Campbell forced Renae to perform oral sex and him and sodomized her while holding a knife to her throat. He also threatened Shannah’s life who was an infant at the time. Barbara Hendrickson, Renae’s neighbor, witnessed the attack and provided grisly details at trial. Campbell was sentenced to 30 years for the assault though was released after serving just 6 due to “good behavior.”

The triple homicide brought Campbell to the gallows where he reportedly refused to stand for executioners. Because of this, Campbell was strapped to a board prior to being hanged. He was the last person executed by hanging in the state of Washington.

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