May 27, 1947
Southport, England
Dr. Robert George Clements allegedly murders his fourth wife

Clements is suspected of killing 4 of his wives, seemingly to gain access to their wealth. His first, second, and fourth wives were wealthy prior to their marriages to the doctor, and all died virtually penniless. Clemens himself signed the death certificates for each of his wives.

Clements and another doctor diagnosed Barnett with acute anemia resulting from myeloid leukemia, which the coroner examining her body supported. Suspicions fell on Clements and Barnett’s body was re-examined. It was determined she had died of a morphine overdose. Before he could be arrested or tried, Clements committed suicide, leaving a note which read, “To Whom It May Concern: I can no longer tolerate the diabolical insults to which I have been recently exposed.”

The coroner who initially supported the leukemia diagnosis committed suicide upon hearing he had missed the presence of morphine.

Clipping: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota) June 3, 1947

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