May 26, 1990
Wellington, Florida
Marlene Warren is shot in the face by a person delivering flowers and balloons in a clown suit

Warren (40), her son (21), and her son’s friend were finishing breakfast when a clown carrying two balloons and a flower arrangement visited. Warren said something similar to “How nice” before the clown shot her in the face, casually walked back to their car, and drove away. Warren died two days after being shot.

In 2017, police arrested Sheila Warren for the murder. Sheila married Marlene’s widower 12 years after the murder. Investigators who reopened the case had noted rumors at the time of the murder which alleged Sheila and Michael Warren were having an affair. Both denied the claim at the time. Upon hearing the couple married, Sheila became a suspect.

As the investigation is still ongoing and Sheila has not been tried, details of the evidence against her is not public knowledge. What is known at this time: hairs with Sheila’s DNA were discovered in the clown’s getaway car, orange fibers matching the clown’s wig were found in her home, and Sheila allegedly bragged about murdering Warren.

Michael Warren has not been charged at this time but is considered a person of interest.

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