May 23, 1955
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jeannie Singleton (8) goes missing while walking home from school; her body is found 9 days later

Jeannie, who walked with a pronounced limp due to a battle with rheumatic fever, was described as a friendly girl who had to be reminded by her parents not to talk to strangers.

Jeannie was found 9 days after her disappearance by a group of children playing hide-and-seek. She had been strangled and raped. Due to the extent of decomposition, it was believed she had been murdered the day of her disappearance.

Her murder remains unsolved, though the Michigan State Police have not closed the case.

A book entitled One Silent Voice: The Jeannie Singleton Story by Nicole and Robert Du Shane has been written largely to keep the memory of Jeannie alive.

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