Famous Last Words
Robert Comer
May 22, 2007

“Go Raiders.”

Comer and his girlfriend, Juneva Willis, had been camping when a nearby camper joined them for dinner. Comer shot his guest in the head and stabbed him in the neck, then went to his victim’s camp to steal what he could, including a dog.

The couple then found another camp, impersonated law enforcement, and demanded the inhabitants come out of their tent at gunpoint. The two new victims were bound with duct tape and wire. The female victim was sexually assaulted before she was abducted; her husband was left behind, tied to his car fender.

Comer, Willis, the female kidnap victim, and Willis’ two children (their ages have not been specified) traveled together during which time the victim was sexually assaulted twice more and the murder victim’s dog was killed. The female victim was able to escape and flagged down a passing motorist 23 hours after her escape.

Willis testified against Comer and pleaded guilty to kidnapping. She was sentenced to 9 years in prison and released in 1994. Comer was executed by lethal injection.

One thought on “FLW: Go Raiders

  1. Good riddance ! All the lives he destroyed and it was all a big joke to him. The death penalty was created for animals like him.


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