May 22, 1370
Brussels, Belgium
Between 6 and 20 Jews are executed at the stake while the remainder are banished after allegedly desecrating hosts

The actual motive behind the attack is disputed, depending on the source.

The Christians of the area alleged a group of Jews desecrated hosts during the Holy Eucharist, a ceremony commemorating the Last Supper. The Jews stabbed the wafers which, according to some accounts, miraculously shed blood. The Christians wanting revenge against the sacrilege killed the Jews involved in the stabbing by burning them at the stake. Those not associated with the stabbing were banished from the area and their possessions confiscated. Local churches recognized the day as a holiday, calling it the Sacrament of Miracles or the Eucharist Miracle.

Jewish accounts alleged the massacre was a distraction to cover the murder of a wealthy Jew, his murderers inventing the desecration to avoid their crime being noticed.

Photo credit: Zinneke at lb.wikipedia

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