May 21, 2014
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Cheng Chieh (鄭捷) goes on a stabbing rampage in a subway car, killing 4 and injuring 24, because he had wanted to do something “shocking and big” since childhood

Chieh (21) began his attack while the subway train was moving between stops approximately 5 minutes from each other. Using a 30mm (approx 12 inches) fruit knife, he hacked and sliced at passengers. Before the subway came to its destination, passengers united to form a defense using umbrellas or hurled taunts to distract him. When the train pulled into the next station, Chieh attempted to flee but was apprehended by police.

Chen Kuo-en, chief of the New Taipei City police bureau, told reporters “He told the police that he had wanted to do a ‘big thing’ such as this since his childhood. He said he had planned to do this after his graduation, but last week decided to act ahead of his schedule.”

Four people died either at the scene or in the hospital. Their ages ranged from 26 to 62. He was tried and convicted quickly, and both Chieh and his parents requested a quick execution. He was sentenced to 4 death sentences and 144 years in prison.

On May 10, 2016, Chieh was given a general anesthetic and laid face down on a mattress. An executioner shot at his back, aiming at a circle which indicated the placement of his heart. After three shots, Chieh was pronounced dead.

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