May 21, 1926
Carson City, Nevada
Stanko Jukich is executed for the murder of his 16-year-old sweetheart Jennie Medak

Jukich, 28 at the time of the murder, was a Yugoslavian miner living in a boarding house run by Medak’s mother. Medak’s parents arranged a marriage between Medak and Jukich 3 years before the murder, and Jukich claimed he paid a portion of each paycheck to his future bride’s family. When Medak refused the marriage proposal, accepting one from a man in another state instead, Jukich consumed “half a gallon” of strong liquor and shot his betrothed in her home on February 14, 1925. He attempted an appeal for leniency but was denied, dying in the gas chamber a little over a year after the murder.

Photo credit: Andrew Cassino

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