May 18, 1936
Sada Abe (阿部 定) kills her lover during erotic asphyxiation, stays with his body for several hours, and removes his penis and testicles

Abe and her lover, Kichizo Ishida (石田 吉蔵), had frequently participated in erotic asphyxiation, with both partners on the receiving end of the choking. Despite their familiarity with the act, a session on May 16 went awry. After Ishida was strangled and the ligature removed from his neck, his face became distorted and he complained of pain. He told Abe as he drifted to sleep, “You’ll put the cord around my neck and squeeze it again while I’m sleeping, won’t you … If you start to strangle me, don’t stop, because it is so painful afterward.” In the early morning hours of May 18, Abe strangled Ishida to death as he slept.

Following the killing, Abe spent several hours next to Ishida’s body. She then removed his genitals and wrapped them in a magazine, keeping them with her until her arrest 3 days later. She wrote “定、石田の吉二人キリ” (roughly, “we, Sada and Kichizo, are alone”) in blood on his thigh and carved her name, 定, in his arm. She put on his underwear beneath her clothing and left the inn around 6 hours after Ishida’s death, requesting the staff not to disturb her “sleeping” lover before she fled the area.

Though Abe checked into a different inn under an assumed name, police became suspicious of her alias. Upon confronting her, Abe freely admitted her identity, producing the severed genitals as proof of her claim. She admitted to being overly attached to the genitals and couldn’t bear to separate herself from them, admitting to placing the penis in her mouth and repeatedly attempting to insert it into her vagina, though these attempts were unsuccessful. When asked why she removed the genitals she stated she loved Ishida and wished to always be near him, and carrying his head or body was an impossibility.

She was convicted of second-degree murder as well as mutilation of a corpse, and stated she deserved the death penalty. Prosecutors tried for a 10-year prison sentence, but Abe was given 6 years; her term was commuted after 5. She went on to write a best-selling autobiography and capitalized on her notoriety for several years before she slipped into obscurity, dying sometime after 1971.

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